Mastering Samples: What Does It Sound Like

Mastering Samples: The Music

The following are a few mastering samples from the hundreds of tracks that have come in for mastering at The Legion of Dume. The most important factor in a mastering engineer is: What does the music sound like. Instead of grandiose descriptions and claims, have a listen right here.

At any mastering studio you approach, make sure to request mastering samples before you engage in business. If there are none available, due to non disclosure agreements, ask to get a single song mastered first. This will tell you whether the studio is the right fit for your art.

Mastering Samples: The Artists

Dozens of artists over the last decade have brought their finished product to The Legion of Dume for post production and left satisfied. We work with our artists to obtain the sound they are looking for, rather than imposing our aesthetics on the record. If they wanted a crispy clean Dr. Dre sounding album, we gave them that. If they wanted a crunchy nineties Wu Tang sound, they got that. The half in between sound of Masta Ace, J Dilla or De La Soul? We do that too. Many of our artists have given us permission to share finished mastering samples with you.

The following are a few select albums mastered by our Seattle hip hop mastering studio:

Mastering Sample - Colored People's Time Machine
Gabriel Teodros : Colored People’s Time Machine

Mastering Sample - Cold Hearted In Cloud City
Khingz : Cold Hearted In Cloud City

Mastering Sample - Yirim Seck Hear Me Out
Yirim Seck : Hear Me Out

Mastering Sample - Choklate: Fah La La La La
Choklate: Fah La La La La The Christmas EP

Mastering Sample - Moving Pictures
The Building Project : Moving Pictures
Mastering Sample - God Save The King
Dume41 : God Save The King

Obtain Your Own Mastering Sample

Ask us about mastering a single song snippet from your project. We are so confident in our post production, that we will provide you with a mastering sample free of charge. And We’ll get you the sound you’re after.