Mastering Equipment

A mastering studio must use mastering equipment that is smooth and musical sounding, yet achieve great results with minor EQ adjustments. An engineer can have all the necessary knowledge to master an album but without those musical EQ’s the results will not be desirable. Compressors must not only be responsive, but powerful in their cruching power without adding artifacts. Instead of prebuilt "mastering" plug in effects, we use some outboard gear and processing for our projects.

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Effective mastering equipment begins with the audio source. In our studio, we use the newest line of UAD Apollo interfaces. They sound fantastic, and include UAD DSP with amazing mastering plugins like The Manley Massive Passive Tube Equalizer, LA2A leveler, UAD Precision Limiter, and the world renown Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor.

Ask any hardware mastering engineer what the most useful mastering equalizer is, and you’ll get the same answer: The Manley Massive Passive. As for the UAD version, here’s what Tapeop has to say about it: "Are you convinced the UAD-2 version sounds like a real one? YES. Should mix engineers buy this plug-in? YES. If they don’t have a UAD-2, should they buy one just for this plug-in? YES."

mastering studio equalizer

We use outboard mastering equipment such as Focusrite’s Liquid Mix and internal high resolution plug ins such as Logic’s Multipressor and the Waves suite. The liquid mix uses convolution technology to bring the amazing analog warmth of the API 2500 Mastering processor, The SSL4000G mixing console and models by Neve, Drawmer, Fairchild, Manley and many others. These are the same processors used to transmit that vintage warm sound to the classic records you love. Avoid harsh digital tracks with The Legion of Dume.

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mastering equalizer.

“I love the Liquid Mix for mastering. I can add the plug-in, then sit back, listen, focus and adjust settings with the controller in my lap.”
- Recording magazine

“But of the most important feature of the Liquid Mix – its sound? Well, to say it’s sublime is no overstatement.”
- Computer Music Magazine

“The sound quality is just plain wonderful, and so is the interface.”
- EQ Magazine

Mastering Equipment Extras

We master your projects using a TC Electronics Powercore module, a vast outboard effects processing suite. This set features the X5, the company’s powercore version of the world’s most popular mastering module, The TC Electronics Finalizer.


Our Powercore suite also includes the MD3 and Brickwall limiter, the flagship industry standard processing power of TC’s System 6000 Mastering module. The MD3/MD4 is the most respected mastering unit in the world, used by Disney, Lucasfilm, and many, many others. It is smooth, powerful, and innovative, and has consistently out performed all of its competition.

Finalizer Awards

2000 Editor’s Choice

The MIX (UK)- in the category “Best signal Processor” Finalizer Express

1999 Blue Ribbon Award winner

EQ Magazine (US) – in the category “Best Outboard Dynamics”